WebAllow is a parental and access control software that restricts viewing all but selected websites. You may select a list of "approved" websites, load them into this software, activate blocking and be sure that Internet Explorer will only be able to display sites from the approved list. Even if a link is leading to another page on another domain is clicked, this software will block it if is not on the "approved" list. 

If you are concerned that your teen instead of doing the homework is browsing the Internet or chatting on Facebook then this tool is for you. If your kid is playing Adobe flash games on a certain website and you are worried that he might click on an inappropriate advertisement and start browsing questionable material, then this software is right for you. 

Let only selected pages to be viewed and block everything else from display!

WebAllow can be easily used as a web access restricting software. Multiple high schools and school districts are using Weballow to block students from unlimited internet browsing during classes, quizzes or exams. A public library can restrict web access only to their catalogue. The software is ideal for merchant to prevent comparative shopping happening right at their store. Suppose you have a public computer at your retail store and want to display only your merchandize and pricings. By adding a website to the "approved" list and restricting access to other sites on the Internet you may be sure that your customers will be looking at your catalogue and not browsing the Internet in search of a better deal. 

Thousands of customers are using this internet access parental control software. People are blocking access to the internet at schools, libraries, hotels, small businesses, non-profit and government organizations.

If you need help: here is a help section on how you can add or remove websites, turn on and turn off URL blocking, use password protected mode, password protected uninstall and additional features. Read help section and this article before using the software.

Need a less restrictive solution to blocking sites? Check out Website Block - a software utility that blocks websites based on selected list of URLs or keywords match. 

Need to block some and allow other sites? AllowBlock is an integrated software that combines all features of WebAllow and Website Block.

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