Add or Remove a Website to an Allowed List

WebAllow allows you to add to or remove websites from the "Allowed list" by a domain name. What do we mean here by "Allowed list"? If a user attempts to browse to a site that is present in the allowed list, it will be seemlessly displayed in the browser. If a user tries to visit a site that is not on the allowed list, it will be blocked.

Suppose you want to add Yahoo!'s site for kids in the allowed list. You may type in a full URL like (Yahoo's kids site) and the domain will be added to the "Allowed list". Note that main site: will still be blocked. If you are trying to add an address of a certain webpage then the full domain access will be added. So please make sure that entire site is Ok to browse for kids before adding a particular URL. After the website is added you have to apply new settings by clicking "Apply" button.

Note! Applied settings may take effect only in the newly opened Internet Explorer windows.
To add a website or a keyword to a blocked list you may use "Add site" button on the toolbar. To enter multiple URLs you may type them in line by line in a text file and open it using "File" -> "Open" menu. See more in Opening and Saving allowed websites lists about this

To remove a website highlight a URL in the list of allowed URLs and press "Remove" button or "Delete" key on your keyboard. You may select multiple items by holding Control button on your keyboard.

Again, do not forget to apply new settings after removing some items from the list.

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