WebAllow Help

So you have installed WebAllow. Please read this help section before you use this software.  

1) Select list of websites that are appropriate for your kid. You may either use your own opinion but may also check these sites http://www.kidsites.com/ or http://www.childsafe.com/ 

2) Run WebAllow by clicking this icon on the desktop

3) Add selected websites to the allowed list ( learn more). You may load list of approved websites from a file ( learn more )

4) Turn on URL filtering mode ( learn more )

5) Set up password protected mode ( learn more )

6) Set up password protected software uninstall mode ( learn more )

7) Close all running Internet Explorer Windows. You may automatically do this using Additional Features of WebAllow ( learn more )

List of Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I lost my password. Is there any way to restore it?
: No.

Question: Do I have to pay for using this software?
: Yes. WebAllow is a "try before you buy software". You may use WebAllow for 30 days for evaluation purposes. After that you are expected to either purchase a registered copy of the software or uninstall it.

Question: WebAllow is blocking everything on my PC. What to do now?
: You have probably entered no allowed websites at all and turned on URL blocking. Yes you may "shut down" Internet Explorer completely by doing that. You may run Weballow as described in step  2) above and
turn off filtering mode 

Question: How do I block internet access to any site in Internet Explorer?
: Just leave the list of allowed URLs blank and turn on blocking

Question: Does WebAllow work for all browsers?
: No, it only works with Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer based browsers.

Question: Does WebAllow work with Windows 10?
: Yes.

Question: I only want my users to be able to check hotmail email. I want to disable viewing anything else.
: Add these URLs to WebAllow allowed list

Question: Does WebAllow support wildcards and regular expression text search?.
Answer: yes, starting from version 2.25 WebAllow supports regex search masks. Here are a few samples:
1) adding *.gov.uk will allow all goverment websites for UK
2) adding *.google.* will allow all Google websites for example www.google.com , www.google.ca , maps.google.de 
3) adding *.*.edu will allow all educational domains to be displayed.

Question: I lost both uninstall and access control passwords. Could you restore them?
: No. We simply can not, as the software is not storing passwords anywhere. It uses password hash instead.

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