Opening and Saving Lists of URLs

You may enter a list of "allowed" websites from a file. Please use "File" -> "Open" or "Save" menu or the following toolbar buttons. Please make sure that only the domain names are used. e.g instead of please enter in the file.

The format of the file is plain text, one entry per line. A sample file sample.txt is included with the software. You may use any plain text editor to modify this file and load later.

To save the list of "allowed" websites to a file you may use "File"->"Save" menu or corresponding toolbar button. A plain text file containing items from the allowed websites list will be generated.

If you have several computers you may easily transfer settings from one computer to another.
1) Save the list of the allowed websites on one computer.
2) Copy saved file on another computer
3) Open saved file in WebAllow software installed on another computer.
4) Click "Apply" button on the toolbar for the settings to take effect.

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