Password protected mode in WebAllow

WebAllow includes password protected mode feature. This means that you may set an access password to the software so that only you may edit the list of the allowed URLs. 

Select "Security", then "Software Access" from the top menu when you want to turn on this feature. Note that you will be asked to enter password each time when you start WebAllow, once the password protection is turned on.

To remove password protection mode or to change password you may use "Software Access"->"Remove Access Password Protection" and "Reset Access Password" from the same "Security" Menu. Note that the password can not be restored. If you loose the password the only way around is to uninstall this software. Please keep in mind that uninstall password in a separate password for uninstallation protection only.

If you have lost the password, we can not help you here. This software is using strong cryptographic algorithms so encrypt it and the only way to get around is to uninstall it.

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